24 Jul 2017

How can places, such as cultural centres, libraries, idea hubs, parks, start-up cafés and other indispensable public spaces, so-called ‘third places’, make a valuable contribution to a vital society, today and in the future?

How to Create a Relevant Public Space answers these questions from different angles, based on the five most important developments within the public space. The book is an initiative by international creative guide and architect Aat Vos. ‘The world is changing.

The public domain is becoming increasingly less public as it falls victim to the whims of commercial parties, and as a result, people who can’t afford to pay are at risk of being excluded. All communities, large or small, have to deal with this. This development worries me and I think we should turn the tide. This motivated me to create this book,’ explains Vos.

DNA of a vital public space

How to Create a Relevant Public Space contains 280 pages of colourful inspiration to architects a. They are part of the DNA of a vital public space. With the help and knowledge of many others, Vos describes what exactly this special DNA is made of. How to Create a Relevant Public Space holds more than 20 in-depth interviews with authorities in various fields including urban development, planning, economics, architecture, design, gaming, sociology and communication, like Saskia Sassen (professor of sociology, Columbia University, New York ), Joseph Pine (author of The Experience Economy), Diane Ghirardo (professor of architecture, University of Southern California), Winy Maas (architect), Sergio Dogliani (Idea Stores, London), and Karim Rashid (designer). Visual reports on inspiring ‘third places’ and city tours of public hotspots complete the portrayal of the new public space.nd other creatives, students, policymakers and administrators. In the book Aat Vos explains how five pillars are decisive for the success of a third place: People, Place, Experience, Product and Future.

* Ray Oldenburg, author of the influential book The Great Good Place, published in 1989, coined the term third place.


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