Es ist eine von Aat Vos’ größten Leidenschaften, Vorträge, Debatten oder Workshops über Themen wie „How To Create a Relevant Public Space“ oder die Bedeutung der „Butterfly Principles of Design For Programmability“ im Rahmen der Gestaltung integrativer Dritter Orte zu halten.

Nachfolgend finden Sie eine Liste der bevorstehenden und vergangenen Veranstaltungen.
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16 Jun Conference

Talk at Kompetenzzentrum “Lokale Ökonomien am Niederrhein”

What is the retail sector’s responsibility towards communities? And how do local stores, hair salons or bakeries contribute to more inclusivity? In his talk at Kompetenzzentrum “Lokale Ökonomien am Niederrhein”, our Creative Director Aat Vos will discuss the importance of social infrastructure and how it is again the small things, like small talk that could make the biggest difference.

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19 May Talk

Talk at The Future Design of Streets

How can streets turn into Third Places and become urban hotspots? During his contribution to the third session of this year’s edition of the webinar series “The Future Design of Streets”, our Creative Director Aat Vos will share his insights on how the experience factor can elevate streets to a higher level and join the discussion along with his co-commentators Andres Sevtsuk and Juan Carlos Romero as well as moderator Daniel Casas Valle. Make sure to register prior to the webinar.

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16 Feb Remote, University of Antwerp, Modulor, Antwerp, Belgium Lecture

Remote lecture for the University of Antwerp

How can public places, like libraries, culture houses and other indispensable spaces, transform themselves into relevant third places and become urban hotspots? During Aat’s remote session for students of Modulor Antwerpen, the student faculty association of the faculty of design sciences at the University of Antwerp, the audience will learn more about the essentials of successful ‘3RD4ALL’.

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29 Sep Zentralbibliothek Köln, Cologne, Germany Talk

Neuverortung Stadtbibliothek Köln

“Library equals Starbucks minus Starbucks” with Petra Rinnenburger of Building Management – Gebaüdewirtschaft – of the City of Cologne (DE) and Aat Vos. Moderation: Gisela Steinhauer, WDR2 journalist and editor. Part 2 of the three-part program “Repositioning” (Neuverortung). In collaboration with the Haus der Architektur and with the support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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