We work with an enthusiastic and inspired team to develop places where people feel welcome. Our territory is the public space. Our ambition is to create spaces which are open and offer a place for everyone. Places that don’t exclude anyone.

We Create Places Where People Feel Welcome

Why? Because people thrive for an inclusive society. At aatvos, we believe developing public third places, as coined by Ray Oldenburg, is about connecting with the local community; finding out their needs and habits, and designing accordingly. Amongst others, we have done so for:

and will soon start working for the Central Library of Reykjavik (Iceland),  at a marvelous kids library in Ludwigshafen (Germany), the Central Library of Köln (Germany), and at a hospital located in the Netherlands.

With the Butterfly Principles as our guideline, we are able to understand, map, structure, and accelerate these holistic processes with our clients and stakeholders. To achieve this even better we want to complete the team with:

Open positions

Good news! Currently we’re looking for new team members, and one of them might be you. Check out the downloads below, and find out how easy it is to apply online. Cheers!

We welcome talent

Is your dream job not listed yet, but you think you can be of a great added value to our team? Full alert! At aatvos, we are highly interested in the fields of human geography, spatial sciences, sociology, anthropology, data science, UX design, service design, urban planning, communications and, of course, graphics design and architecture.

Does that sound like you? And do you strive for inclusivity, just as we do? Then we love to hear from you! Please, shoot us an email with an open application at – as you might be our future missing pin!

Please note that due to the international aspect of our work, you need to be fluent in at least two of our main three languages English, German and Dutch.